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Unreal to Unity Exporter

This Unreal plugin will export an Unreal level to a complete unity project.

Watch the video tutorial here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=thGvNU1WH58

- If you encounter any problems, don't hesitate to contact me at relativegames7@gmail.com !

Supported Unreal Versions :

- 4.27, 4.26, 4.25

Supported Unity versions :
Built in pipeline : Unity 2018.4 or newer

URP : Unity 2021.1.20f1

- certain materials will not look 100% like in Unreal, one aspect being the smoothness curve, and a few others containing exotic material nodes

- terrain shaders are not exported

- can only export one level to a complete unity project right now.

- if for any reason you have shader compilation errors give me an e-mail at relativegames7@gmail.com . This is by far the most complex part of the export and depending on the unreal material all sorts of things can occur.

- light intensities will not match exactly

  • URP 11.0 support

  • HDRP 11.0 initial support

What doesn't work :

- skinned meshes/cloth

- materials that depend on blueprints (skies are usually made that way in Unreal)

- reflection probes aren't exported

- particle emitters

- wind modifiers

- subsurface scattering

- tessellation

- spline meshes

- world position offset / vertex interpolators

- terrain

- overriden materials from StaticMeshComponent

There are 2 ways of operation :

- a mesh-based OBJ export : vertex colors and multitexcoords, lights, LODs and primitive collision shapes. It's very fast and materials are always accurate.

- Single FBX Scene : includes vertex colors, lights, collisions, LODs but messes some materials sometimes and may take a really long time. For a 2M poly scene it can take > 10minutes. It also can't save individual meshes as assets.

If you're not convinced about this tool I can also provide a personalized video preview for your target assets if you can share those assets with me.

If you're looking for UE4 optimizations check out my package here : https://www.unrealengine.com/marketplace/en-US/product/cbd14d2f194f4f6f8173b32783e41567

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Unreal to Unity Exporter

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